V-band light maps, velocity maps and velocity profiles for the stellar component of random galaxies, from the TNG50 simulation, as in Figure 10 of Pillepich+ (2019). Galaxies with stellar mass above 1010 solar masses are shown at z=1 and z=2. In the three leftmost panels, we show edge-on projections of the stellar light and mean line-of-sight velocity, in addition to the radial profiles of the mean line-of-sight velocity along the slit depicted by the white solid lines. In the three rightmost panels, we show the face-on projections of the stellar light and of the line-of-sight velocity dispersion, in addition to the average velocity dispersion profiles along the slit. We always pixelize using square pixels of 0.5 comoving kpc to a side. For each galaxy, two numbers are indicated in the panels: stellar rotation velocity (Vrot) and stellar dispersion (sigma).

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