We will release all of the results and data of the TNG simulation project in the future. No exact time has been set yet, but this will be sometime in 2018.

The data formats and tools for working with TNG data will be essentially identical to those we have developed for the original Illustris simulation. To get ready, you may want to review the Illustris public data release paper Nelson+ (2015) or directly start to work with the already public Illustris simulation in order to get familiar with the data formats. When launched, all the TNG data will be accessible with the same approaches (i.e. direct-download and/or web-based API) and the same scripts can be used identically on all simulations.

User registration will give access to both Illustris and TNG with the same account. We will announce the initial TNG data release to all registered users via email, so if you would like to be notified at that time you can register for an account now.

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Community and Support

Additional details coming soon, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Raw Data Downloads

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