Question about Visualize Galaxies tool

Ekaterina Kireeva
  • 13 May '21

Hello fellow astronomers!
I'm studying simulated elliptical galaxies and your Visualize Galaxies and Halos tool appeared very useful. However I cannot understand the meaning of some fields, for example what is the difference between velocity_x and vel_x? Where can I find the detailed explanations for all of the fields?

Dylan Nelson
  • 14 May '21

Dear Ekaterina,

You are right, this is not documented sufficiently. I will think how best to describe these more fully in the future.

You can find a list of all available options on the API specifications, under The known "particle/cell quantities" which can be used for partField are:.

In particular, velocity_x and vel_x are exactly the same, I will remove one for clarity in the future.

Ekaterina Kireeva
  • 14 May '21

Thanks! Looking forward to getting the full describe someday!

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