Subhalo switching

Neda Stojkovic
  • 25 Mar '20


I have a merger tree of one galaxy, and I drew it to show its halo environment and closing halo with whom it will merge. But I have some problems that I think is due to subhalo switching. Is it possible that switching persist in more then one consequent snapshot? I have a galaxy which have what I think is three consequent frame of subhalo switching. Is that possible?

Neda Stojkovic
  • 1
  • 25 Mar '20

This is one of the snapshots pre-switching (I think) - red galaxy is the one I'm interested in - it's big in first plot, and small in second (radii in the plots are half mass radii of the subhaloes):

And this is one of the three switched frames:

Is it possible to confirm switching in some way? And determine with which subhalo our galaxy switched?

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