Will the filaments catalogue be released?

  • 7 Sep '19

Hi, Dylan,

I want to study the filaments in TNG. Could you provide the filaments catalogue?

Dylan Nelson
  • 10 Sep '19


We don't have any such data available at the moment for TNG.

There are two possible things in progress: (i) from Davide Martizzi based on the usual Hessian of the density field, i.e. this paper, and (ii) from Chris Duckworth, finding filaments based on the DISPERSE algorithm (in prep).

If you'd like to use either of these, you should contact these authors directly and inquire. Otherwise you'd be welcome to run your own filament finder-type algorithm.

Dylan Nelson
  • 13 Feb

As a follow-up, this data catalog has now been released as Cosmic Web Distances (Disperse).

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