Welcome and intro

Dylan Nelson
  • 20 Apr '15

Welcome to the discussion forum, it is meant to provide help, answer questions, and make announcements for any changes or additions related to the data release (in place of a mailing list). Into the future, it will be a much more useful way to get help than emailing me, or anyone, directly.

The buttons are shortcuts for bold and italic text,

  • lists of
  • items

links, simple image upload, and a preview. Simple Markdown Syntax is supported. This includes inline and multi-line code, using single or triple backticks, respectively. For example, `def func(var a=1)` produces def func(var a=1).

You can automatically receive email notifications when a new comment is made. This is enabled by default for topics you start, and topics you comment on. It can be toggled with the 'Notify Me' button.

To be notified of all changes related to the Illustris Data Release, you should enable notifications on the pinned "Changes and Additions" post.

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